Some weekends are enchanted: Norfolk

This is my mum Trish and me, with wind and spray in our hair at shingly Salthouse on the Norfolk coast.

Trish Kreft and Marie Kreft

Sliding over the pebble banks to dip our toes in the waves, nudged forward by the North Sea wind, I felt like a two-pence piece in an arcade coin pusher.

Tiptoeing to the sea

I was raised in Norfolk by London-born parents with no known connections to the county. But when a friend researched our family tree as a wedding present, he picked up a trail that led to the graves of my great-great-great-great-great grandparents in the grounds of St Mary the Virgin church, Great Plumstead.

Jonathan and Ruth Scott's gravestones

It’s a good feeling when your roots reach deeper than you first thought.

2 thoughts on “Some weekends are enchanted: Norfolk”

  1. OMG i didn’t know we had family graves that far back,……i think i will have to visit when i come up to Norfolk again! Love the article by the way x

  2. Thank you, Trisha! Ask my mum about her latest genealogy discoveries … she’s found out all kinds of interesting things about us. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and don’t mind going back to work tomorrow. x

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